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Retina Disease Association

Thank you for your attention towards the Retina disease community. We look forward to your participation and support. 

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How it Works

About Us

We are here to aid those with retinal disease in overcoming every mental and physical obstacles in life, as well as to improve their employment rates and ability to live independently. It is our goal to foster positive and convenient communications between those with retinal disease and the world around them. We have launched the "Getting to know the retinal disease" campaign in hopes of gaining more recognition from the community. 

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Understanding Retinal Disease

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A website created by Vanita Shih to help disable performers gain more recognition. 


Macular Degeneration, a type of retinal disease, is an age-related degeneration disease that causes the loss of central vision. Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a genetic disease that involves the loss of cells in the retina which results in eye conditions. Retinal diseases damage vision and can become an obstacle in one's daily life. We strive to eliminate these obstacles by providing all the necessary support and guidance for those with retinal disease or damages. 

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